Frequently Asked Questions (wholesale)


Q1: What do you sell at a discounted rate?

A1: We sell comics from D.C. Comics, Scout Comics, and Vault Comics.

Q2: Do I have to place a minimum monthly order and spend a minimum to maintain the account?

A2: We currently do not have any monthly minimums.

Q3: What currency do you charge in?

A3: All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Q4: How do I place an order?

A4: We have all information on orders on the order information page.

Q5: Can I cancel a placed order?

A5: All summit orders are final and can not be refunded.

Q6: Is there a minimum order requirement to place an order?

A6: Yes, all orders must be over $150 CAN. 

Q7: What do I do if I receive a damaged book?

A7: If you receive a damage book please contact us at with at least two images and a brief description on the damaged unit.

Q8: How long do I have to report damage units?

A8: You have 3 days to report damaged units.

Q9: Are you a comic distributor?

A9: No, we are simply a wholesaler. We provide small businesses the chance to add comics to their inventory while not having to maintain an account with distributors.

Q10: Do we offer the latest comics?

A10: Yes we do! If you don’t see the comic you like you can email the order request to


If you don’t see the answer to your question please let us know. We are happy to assist! Please email us at