Supplier Information

We at Lernski believe that transparency is key. We make our supplier's public knowledge. Please see the list below.

Brands (Skin Care): Main Suppliers (Secondary Suppliers):
Nova Scotia Fisherman
Direct order* (Purity Life)
Nature's Aid Direct order*
Walton Wood Farm Corporation
Direct order*
Avaria Health and Beauty Corp (Kalaya Health) Direct order* (Purity Life)
Badger Balm Purity Life
Duke Cannon Supply Company Faire (direct)
Every Man Jack Purity Life
ThinkSport Purity Life
Purity Life
Purity Life
Homeovet Homeopathic Drops
Purity Life
Sovereign Silver
Purity Life
J.R. Watkins
Purity Life
Green Beaver Co. Purity Life
Atlantick Purity Life
Purity Life
Purity Life


Rebels Refinery Purity Life
Warlord - Mens Grooming Essentials Direct order*


Brands (Household Items):
Main Suppliers (Secondary Suppliers):
Nutricare - Patch (COMING SOON) Direct order* (Purity Life)
Food Huggers (COMING SOON) Purity Life
The Future is Bamboo Purity Life


Brands (Grocery/Supplements):
Main Suppliers (Secondary Suppliers):
Purity Life
Nuun & Company Inc. (COMING SOON)
Purity Life
Botanica (COMING SOON) TallGrass
JusTea (COMING SOON) Purity Life (direct order)
Purity Life 
Simply Gum/Mints
Purity Life (direct order*)
Herbaland Purity Life
Jelly Belly Organic (COMING SOON) Purity Life
Smart Sweets (COMING SOON) Purity Life
Zimt Chocolates (COMING SOON) Purity Life
Host Defense (COMING SOON) TallGrass
WakeWater Direct order*


Retail Operations Department (supplies) Vendor (secondary vendor)
Boxes (ALL SIZES) Uline Canada
Shipping Tape  Uline Canada (Canada Post)
Stickers & envelopes Uline Canada (Canada Post)
Kraft Paper Uline Canada
Shipping Labels (shipping carrier) UPS (Canada Post)
Retail Bags (ALL SIZES) Kis Paper (Uline Canada)

*Ordered directly from the manufacturer.

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