Wholesale Service Registration

We at lernski love the feelings of opening up a comic and reading it. We believe that comics should be available to the masses! That's why we are proud to announce our wholesale service.

Why choose Lernski as a supplier?

Lernski provides a dedicated catalog of popular comics, graphics novels, and magazines. We source all our products from the official distributors of the top comic book publishers to provide business at the best prices without having to pay high minimums.

What type of businesses do we work with?

We work primarily with small family owned or small chain stores. We sell to convinces/general stores, book stores, and comic book stores. We will also work with other types of businesses. 


Lernski offers a wholesale service. For inquiries please contact us at wholesale.info@lernski.com

Please include these in your email:

1. Your legal/trade business name.

2. Your business address or website. If you have a website please do not hyperlink it in your email.

3. Your BIN (Business Identification Number).


In-order to qualify for our wholesale service you must:

1. Your business must be a Canadian business with ether a brick-and-mortar or online location.

2. Have a registered business within your province/territory. This means that you must have a BIN (Business Identification Number).

3. You must create a Lernski.com account.


We will reach out to you regarding your wholesale account approval. We will send you an email with your approval status along with a list of helpful links. Approval can take up to 7 business days.