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Atlantick — Scoop Keychain

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With the AtlanTick Tick Scoop Remover, you'll always be prepared for any outdoor adventures, including hikes, walks with your baby stroller, or any other outdoor excursions. Simply attach it to your key ring, backpack or even stroller and you're good to go.

The AtlanTick Tick Scoop Remover Keychain is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. This natural lever-based tool removes ticks of all sizes without touching them, reducing the risk of infection.

The tick remover keychain is perfect for removing ticks from humans and pets alike, and is easy to use. Simply press the Tick Scoop close to the skin and use even pressure to slide and pry the tick out.

The scoop notch grabs the tick at skin level, while the bowl-shaped end securely contains the tick for easy disposal. Enjoy nature with peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable tool for tick removal.