Catalogue: August

Issue: #2

Start Date: August 2nd (2022)

End Date: August 31st (2022)

Welcome to the second issue of the Lernski catalogue. See below for amazing deals!


The Sandman Bonanza

To celebrate the release of the Netflix T.V. show "The Sandman" we are offering a new special. The Sandman Bonanza! See below for details:

Buy ONE Sandman graphic novels or Sandman incentive cover and get ONE Sandman comic* for free.

Sandman graphic novels: 10% off base price.

Sandman Comics: 10-15% off base price.

Sandman Promotional Content: 50¢ off base price.


Monthly Sale Items:

Comic Tags22¢ off base price.

Detective Comic #1062: CVR's A, B, and C: 10% off base prices.

Batman #125: CVR's A, B, C, D, and E: 10% off base prices.


Clearance Sale Item:

Dark Crisis #1: 20% off base prices. (August 2nd — 16th)

Dark Crisis Young Justice #120% off base prices

Flash #78320% off base prices

Justice League Road To Dark Crisis #120% off base prices

FCBD 2022: Dark Crisis Special Edition #0 (Virgin Foil): 20% off base prices